Stemcis was founded in 2008 by two PhD in cell biology, Régis ROCHE and Franck FESTY. They met in the research centre of the Reunion Island University while they were conducting research on adipose tissue.

Since 2015, STEMCIS has joined the DMS group in which the Biotech branch was created.

STEMCIS has a strong experience and expertise on adipose tissue, adipose mesenchymal stem cells and their use in plastic and reconstructive surgery. This high expertise in adipose tissue allows the company to develop surgical kits for the collection, treatment and re-injection of fat cell preparations. These kits are Class IIa medical devices, associated with a specific protocol, on the latest research and developed according to the intended therapeutic use.

STEMCIS is also interested in the use of adipose tissue and its cellular derivatives in human regenerative medicine.



Dr Régis Roche


Dr REGIS ROCHE holds a PhD in Biochemistry and Cell Biology from the Marseille Faculty of Medicine, as well as a university degree in cell therapy. For a decade, he led a university team, focusing his research on adipose tissue in relation to obesity-related pathologies. In addition to academic research, he has also conducted research on the optimization of adipose tissue survival during autologous grafts for reconstructive surgery. Passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation, he was President of the Junior Chamber Economic of the Indian Ocean, then vice-president of the competitiveness cluster of Reunion. He is now Chairman of the French Tech Commission, in conjunction with the competitiveness cluster of Bourgogne-Franche Comté (Pole Microtechniques, PMT), and member of the Medtech Commission of France Biotech.

Dr Franck Festy


Dr FRANCK FESTY holds a PhD in Biochemistry and Cell Biology from Paris Diderot University, and also holds a university degree in cell therapy. Associate researcher in the same university laboratory as Régis Roche, he was at the initiative, in the early 2000s, developing research on human adipose tissue and optimizing its use in the context of lipofilling. He was the first to make close contact with cosmetic surgeons and to question their needs. Alongside this applied research, he has also conducted numerous basic research projects. One of them, on the potential of adipose stem cells in revascularization, was funded by the National Agency for Research (ANR) and carried out in collaboration with 3 institutional research laboratories.

All the research carried out for 10 years on adipose tissue by Dr. Roche and Festy led to the publication of dozens of international scientific articles, and to the filing of 4 patents.