The multi-purpose and re-sterilizable support for Stemcis kits.

Adip’sup is the multi-purpose, reusable support from Stemcis. It can hold instruments during surgery to improve the comfort of the surgeon and his/her team. It is compatible with all the instruments of the various Stemcis kits and will answer to your desire for better organisation.

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About this item

Adip’sup is the multi-use and reusable support from the Stemcis brand. It allows the instruments to be held during the procedure to improve the comfort of the surgeon and his team. Compatible with all the instruments of the different Stemcis kits, it will meet your expectations for better organization.


  • Multi-purpose
  • Re-sterilizable
  • Compatible with all Stemcis kits

Technical details

Description: Multi-purpose and reusable support

Dimensions: 25x20x10cm

Weight: 0.8kg

May contain:

  • one 200 mL tube (Macrofill Vacuum kit)
  • one harvesting cannula (Macrofill Vacuum kit)
  • six 50 mL tubes (Microfill and Myfill kits)
  • ten 10 mL syringes (Nanofill kit)