Roadshow in Colombia

Lipofilling procedures in Colombia: Stemcis unveils the best medical devices to offer surgeons and their teams a better quality of life at workits

In the realm of surgery, innovation plays a pivotal role in enhancing patient care and medical procedures. Stemcis, a French company specializing in the production of high-quality medical devices, has embarked on an exciting journey to Colombia.

Our mission? To introduce a range of all-in-one, sterile, and single-use kits for lipofilling procedures that promise to revolutionize the way surgeries are performed.

French excellence in Medical Devices:

At Stemcis, we are recognized for our excellence in manufacturing top-notch medical devices. Our all-in-one sterile kit for lipofilling procedures is a testament to our commitment to offering better quality of life at work for professionals and to enhancing patient outcomes. These kits are not just easy to use but are equipped with high-quality instruments that ensure the highest standards of safety and precision.
Stemcis’ roadshow in Colombia reflected our dedication to expanding our global presence and making a mark in the Latin American surgical landscape. Here’s a glimpse of the key aspects of our journey:

  • Introducing innovative products: At the heart of the roadshow was the unveiling of our all-in-one kits for lipofilling procedures. Surgeons and their teams gathered to witness these innovative devices firsthand. The roadshow highlighted how these kits simplify procedures while maintaining the utmost sterility, ensuring safer and more efficient surgeries.
  • Engaging with medical professionals: The roadshow provided a unique platform for interaction between us and Colombian medical professionals. Surgeons and their teams had the opportunity to engage in informative discussions, ask questions, and learn about the latest advancements in lipofilling procedures.

Participation in medical congresses:

Stemcis didn’t limit their efforts to the roadshow alone. To further increase their visibility and forge lasting partnerships in Colombia and Latin America, they actively participated in two medical events congresses. These events provided a stage for networking, knowledge exchange, and showcasing their commitment to advancing healthcare in the region.

  • Patient Safety Symposium 2023 | March 17-18, Cartagena (Colombia)
  • International Course on Aesthetic Plastic Surgery | September 13-16, Cali (Colombia)

Summary of the roadshow

Innovation knows no boundaries, and Stemcis’ roadshow in Colombia exemplifies this notion. Our introduction of all-in-one, sterile, and single-use kits for lipofilling procedures signifies a remarkable leap forward in the field of surgery.

The partnership forged during this event has the potential to transform the Colombian medical landscape and, in turn, positively impact the lives of countless patients. This roadshow is not just a momentary event but a significant step towards a healthier and more advanced future for Colombian medicine.