Human tissues possess cells to regenerate themselves when damaged. These cells, including stem cells and other types of progenitors, are able, upon a certain type of stimuli, to regenerate the tissue by:

Reducing inflammation
Generating new cells
ecrete a matrix that will form the new tissue

These abilities are not specific to a tissue meaning that stem cells from bone marrow or adipose tissue are able to give rise to new tissue.


STEMCIS specializes in harvesting and purifying adipose tissue's cells from a patient to cure his/her own pathology, especially for the musculoskeletal and urogenital systems pathologies. Therefore, STEMCIS focuses its research on the regenerative potential of cells contained in adipose tissue.

Adipose tissue cells are widely investigated in clinical trials to assess their potential in many applications.

STEMCIS differentiates and uses in its clinical studies two types of preparations:

Adipose Purified Microlobules (APM) preparation

For this reason, STEMCIS has developed since 2010, optimized solution to harvest and purify Adipose Microlobules to optimize their regenerative capacities based on their size, anti-inflammatory properties and their viability.

Adipose Tissue Purified Cells (ATPC) preparation

To this aim, STEMCIS is developing an innovative protocol  and device to disrupt the adipose tissue in order to isolate an injectable solution of Adipose Tissue Purified Cells (ATCP).