Our History

Our dream is to improve surgeons’ well-being by offering them a better quality of working life.

Surgeons are often overworked and under high levels of stress. By relieving them of certain tasks, we can reduce their workload and mental load and thus help them perform better.

That’s why we have developed practical, efficient, safe, and cost-effective instrument kits. To relieve surgeons, support them in their work, and thus improve surgical outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, increase economic productivity, and improve access to quality care.

Stemcis is a French company founded in 2008 by two PhD in cellular biology.

For several years, they studied adipose tissue, worked to develop the most effective protocol for preserving fat cells’ viability, and succeeded.

At the same time, they have examined hundreds of surgical instruments for fat extraction, treatment, and injection. They have had numerous discussions with leading surgeons to understand their needs and concerns, aiming to bring together the best tools in one convenient, safe, effective, and cost-efficient kit.

The first Stemcis kit in 2011 came out of this work: an all-in-one, sterile and usable kit with robust instruments. This was followed by a collection of kits for all surgeons, whatever their speciality and the volume of fat they need for their procedure(s). From very small to large volumes, from aesthetics to orthopaedics to gynaecology, Stemcis has the right kit for you!

Today, Stemcis kits are sold worldwide. We continue to collaborate closely with surgeons to perfect our kits and provide our customers with even more comfort, serenity, and efficiency.