Stemcis breaks all records at the Plastic Surgery Meeting in Austin (USA).

Stemcis breaks all records at the Plastic Surgery Meeting in Austin (USA).

The Stemcis team took part in the “Plastic Surgery – The Meeting”, held from 26 to 29 October 2023 in Austin (USA), bringing together the world’s leading surgeons, creating a real synergy of sharing and expertise.


Stemcis is expanding its international horizons with the opening of a subsidiary in the United States.

The opening of Stemcis Inc marks a strategic turning point in the ambitious development of the company, which is positioning itself as a key player in the field of lipofilling. In order to conquer new markets across the Atlantic, Stemcis Inc has collaborated with two key partners:

  • Triana Group, with its extensive network, played a leading role in organising a roadshow to present Stemcis lipofilling kits to a large number of surgical teams in various states. Thanks to its well-established address book, Stemcis Inc teams were able to access a wide range of plastic surgeons and healthcare professionals, thereby strengthening its presence in the field.
  • BBlnc, for its part, provided all the logistical support needed to set up and expand the company. By guaranteeing seamless logistics, from inventory management to product distribution, BBInc has strengthened Stemcis Inc’s position as a trusted supplier in the medical field.

Stemcis is revolutionising lipofilling surgical practices.

Stemcis brought a breath of fresh air to the congress by presenting its lipofilling kits. Designed by surgeons for surgeons to enable them to devote themselves to their art, Stemcis kits have been designed to reduce the risk of post-operative infections and improve patient safety, while guaranteeing ease of use and high performance for surgeons. The kits contain robust, high-quality instruments specially developed to preserve the viability of fat cells and ensure high fat retention for the patient.

Unanimous and indisputable feedback.

The presentation of the Stemcis fat transfer kits aroused keen interest among professionals, particularly for practical reasons: more efficient management of costs and stocks, significant time savings by simplifying procedures, reducing preparation time and eliminating the need for sterilisation. All participants were unanimous in their praise for the practicality, quality, versatility and ease of use of Stemcis kits.

According to Jean-Paul ANSEL, Chairman of aton, the company that owns Stemcis, “the surgeons emphasised the advantages of having an all-in-one, sterile, single-use kit specially designed to simplify and secure the fat transfer process, while meeting the strictest sterility standards“.

By putting the surgeon back at the centre of its concerns, Stemcis Inc wants to offer them a solution that significantly improves their quality of life at work as well as patient safety.